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  3. Intimacy: Trusting oneself and the other

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- Intimacy Trusting Oneself and the Other by Osho

He also had a heart, just like you. He also had his wife and children, his old mother and father.

He was as much a human being as you are—with a difference. He was trained to follow orders without questioning, and when the order was given, he simply followed it.

Intimacy: Trusting oneself and the other

If there is an ideal that has to be fulfilled, how can you be at ease? How can you be at home? It is impossible to live anything totally because the mind is hankering for the future. And that future never comes—it cannot come. By the very nature of your desire it is impossible.

When it comes you will start imagining other things, you will start desiring other things. You can always imagine a better state of affairs. And you can always remain in anxiety, tense, worried—that's how humanity has been living for centuries. Don't seek any private goal. Just be a part, and an infinite beauty and grace happens.

All animals when they are angry will bite you with the teeth or they will start tearing you with the hands. Angry people will smoke more. Angry people will talk more—they can become obsessive talkers because somehow the jaw needs exercise so that the energy is released a little bit.

Even lovers are not intimate. People are afraid of deep intimacy. People's love affairs are just hit-and-run affairs. They don't go deep into each other's being because.. The problem has not been thrown out, it has been pushed in. Suppress anything and it goes to the roots. We will teach them to be angry but totally angry—and not to carry it.